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Monday, August 8, 2016

Three little sisters and a brother...

Once upon a time, in a place called Oklahoma, there were three little sisters and one older brother who danced on tables, caught toads, put firelies in jars, played games, scratched and pulled each others hair.
    When the sisters and the brother grew into young woman and men, they each got married and moved away from the place they had laughed and cried and played and loved as a family.
     Years went by and the sisters and brother missed each other, but life moved forward as a new generation of family was born.
     Each of them had three babies. Each of the sisters,  two daughters and a son. The brother, two sons and a daughter.
     And now, these daughters and sons are growing a third generation of little boys and little girls into a family. Brothers, sisters, and cousins who love each are having little boys and little girls who will dance on tables, play games, catch pokeman, pull each others hair, and snapchat.
   And in the heart of the oldest sister lies a hope that they will also catch toads and carry fireflies in jars.  
#lifeandlove #familiesandredemption