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Thursday, February 13, 2014

The very first Princess...

     Once upon a time, (33 years ago to be exact) a tiny little-girl creature arrived on the doorstep of a palace and was placed into the arms of a queen. The queen had never ever seen such a thing as this. Such a beautiful thing, and she stared at her with awe and amazement as her heart exploded with love. 
     Everyone in the kingdom came to see the beautiful child and each day, her dark eyes twinkled of things yet unknown and the queen would sit and ponder the great and mysterious secrets within them.  
      Soon, the dramatic and precocious little princess began to rule the roost. She wore proudly the crown her Father gave her, although it was much too big and she had yet to understand it's grace. But she put it on her head anyway and sang and danced and bossed her way around the kingdom to the great delight of the King and the queen and the court. 
     When the princess grew up, she met a handsome and honorable prince who put her on the back on his big white horse and whisked her away to the kingdom he would make with her. 
     The queen and king missed their first born daughter but their lives and loves had grown beyond her and so life in the kingdom continued. Then one day they got a surprise as the handsome Prince rode back into the kingdom bringing with him the princess and a not-so-small little boy creature.
     And so the queen held out her arms and as  the princess laid the boy child in them, the queen's heart exploded with a whole new love as the beauty and awe of the tiny creature filled her.
     The Prince decided to settle in for awhile and soon the kingdom had three of these precious boy creatures fighting to rule the roost. The crowns their Father gave them are too big too, and they wear them on their heads and prance around just as proudly as the princess had. And the Queen and the King just watch and smile because they've come to know the giver of the crown and have experienced the glory in it's grace.
      The lives of the Prince and very first Princess are full to overflowing now as they rule and care for the kingdom and grow the three boy creatures who fight over their too big crowns.
      Then the King and Queen pile the three boy creatures into the kingdom cart and take them out for a kingdom adventure.
     "We are blessed!" The Queen shouts as she grabs the hand of the King and climbs in beside he and the noise of the boys. "Yes," the King shouts backs, eyes full of deep knowledge as they fill with tears. "That we are."