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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tests of faith? No thank you! But wait...

     I cry out, "No! Enough already. They can not handle any more.
     My hands turns into fighting fists and I can not stop crying.
     Not their baby, Lord! Please, I beg you!
And I feel the darkness smile. It hovers close. I can almost touch it and I know it's coming to steal any breath of hope that might still linger inside this nightmare of heartbreak.
     Not another brother, Lord! NO! He's lost too many already. He wont survive this! I wont! We cant do it...and I fall to the floor in a heap.
     Then God comes. He brings light and the darkness flees.
     Fists unfurl and truth dries tears as God bends down and holds together the broken heart with his own hands and stays like that for as long as it takes.
     And he picks up the pieces of shattered life and fulfills promises over it with his breath. 
     It is by His power we survive the things that without Him would kill us. By His power. Thank you Lord.  You make us  new with your love.