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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the world cries..."Abba Father!"

     Hearts cry, Abba Father! Come Lord, Come!
 I can't even wrap my head around the devastation from the recent floods and storms.  More people have been killed by tornadoes this year than in the last seven combined, but my faith teaches me not to question the sovereignty of God. 
     When I think about the tragedies I've walked in or beside
in my lifetime, I learned long ago that there is only one choice I can make.  That is to praise and trust my Savior through all things beyond my understanding. 
     I know that as we pray, cry, and grieve alongside everyone effected by these tragedies that God has not missed a single tear that's been shed. He knows the name of every father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandparent and child that are suffering.   I know that He has not forsaken nor removed His presence from a single one, and yet, many of them have hearts that are breaking in two. 
     Pray with me that God would have His way a midst the things we cannot understand. That the truth of His love and the sacrifice of Jesus would be revealed in the midst of the pain.  That ashes would be made beautiful. That broken hearts would turn to a Father that heals and Holy Spirit revelation would turn sadness into hope and grief to faith. That everything broken and ugly would have have the breath of new life in the promises of Gods word. 
    May your glory shine so bright, Lord, that it can not be denied.
     And the angels cry,"Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord who was and is and is to come."